The Ultimate Digital Full-Arch Workflow: Mastering ICam Photogrammetry™

Everything you need to know about Imetric's ICam, the industry's #1-selling photogrammetry system.

Finally, you can seamlessly integrate digital best practices into your office. From ICam Photogrammetry™ to digital design to delivery of same-day restorations, this course covers everything you need to provide the best for your patients.

What You'll Learn:

  • Learn the core components of digital dentistry and determine what works best for your practice.
  • Understand what pre- and post-op data to capture to create successful restorations with minimal adjustments.
  • Scan with Imetric’s ICam to capture implant position.
  • Understand how to align digital data to design a restoration.
  • Learn essential clinical and lab processes from data acquisition to alignment (or sending to a lab) to printing or milling of temporaries and finals.
  • Learn how to test the accuracy of any device for yourself with Imetric's "Double Scan Challenge."
  • Learn advanced software and data processing, plus troubleshooting techniques from Imetric’s team of expert engineers.

This comprehensive, in-person course is available for all ICam owners looking to master digital full-arch workflows to grow their implant practice.

*ICam owners pay nothing for this course!

Owners must input ICam serial number when registering.

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  • Presented by Imetric
  • 1525 Perimeter Parkway Northwest, Huntsville, AL, 35806 US

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